Coaching for the Construction Industry

The Construction Business Can Be Brutal!

Have you hit a wall in your construction or trade business? Are you struggling to capture more market share, organize your business or increase your margins?

It’s the nature of business – especially the construction business. Whether you’re a new home builder, remodeler, electrician, HVAC contractor, plumber, supplier or one of many other related businesses in the construction industry, hitting barriers to growth and struggling to move beyond them is commonplace. Where can you go to find answers? Conventional wisdom drives business owners to work harder and longer, but wise business owners know when to reach out and get help. There are times in the life-cycles of every business when it outgrows its own resources.

Legacy Business Leaders, as your construction industry business coach, will help you find and implement solutions to your most challenging issues and roadblocks. Legacy owner Fred Reikowsky brings 33 years of experience in new home construction, design-build remodeling and the kitchen/bath business to the table. That’s 33 years of experience, learning how to conquer the problems and challenges construction industry businesses deal with every day, to put to work for your benefit. If you’re ready to build a self-sustaining construction or trades business that rewards you and your people handsomely, then a partnership with Legacy Business Leaders is the answer.

Legacy Business Leaders now works with business owners in the construction industry nationwide.

We help business owners re-chart their goals, learn key business disciplines and capitalize on the Legacy Process for Success and long term profitability.


How does Legacy Business Leaders help your building business?

  • Assess current business practices and organizational health
  • Determine clear short and long-term goals and scalable strategies to reach them
  • Develop and implement key financial and operational systems designed to capture market share and increase profitability
  • Benchmark performance with companies of similar size and type nationwide
  • Organizing and mobilizing staff and leadership teams
  • Development of sustainable business plans and marketing strategies

You can become a leader in your market with focused strategies and knowledge of lucrative opportunities. Every business struggles to make breakthroughs from time to time. But no business owner should be content with the status-quo. There are answers for every business – answers that produce positive results.

Legacy Business Leaders will help discover solutions for your unique building or trades business challenges. Experience is a priceless commodity, but when combined with Legacy’s systematic business coaching process, it becomes the catalyst for long-term success.

Do you want to be a leader in your industry? Would you like to increase sales and profitability, build a better team and enjoy your business more – we’re here to help you accomplish all of that. We are Legacy Business Leaders, and we help contractors find winning solutions.

Call us today to take that leap to greatness: 330-470-1300.

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