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Arrange a no obligation 60-minute conversation with a Legacy coach to review your results and map the next steps to success.

Get clarity. Find traction.

Discover the answers to questions like:

How can I tell if my company is performing well?
Am I ready for the next stage in my business?
How do I find and hire qualified employees?
Are there gaps in my abilities to lead the team?
Why is my business running me?
Can I sell my business?

A Business Effectiveness Report from Legacy Business Leaders can give you a competitive edge! Not only will you get a lot of great information on your business – strengths and weaknesses, but you’ll also get a powerful strategic coaching session with a Certified Business Coach to help you identify the best ways to get better in the next 90 days.

The assessment contains 10 statements for each of the ten key areas of business. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Assessment Report: $295
Includes report and 60-minute review with a Certified Professional Business Coach.
Billed at time of review.

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