Job Detail Hand-off
A simple system to ensure accurate transfer of data to field personnel

Design Agreement Process
Steps to executing a successful design agreement

Design-Build Agreement template
Steps to ensure client commitment

Pre-Construction Checklist
Checklist for Project Managers

Pre-Construction Meeting
A guideline for conducting a client pre-start meeting

Project Finish Schedule
Guide to tracking customer product selections

A profit-planning tool to jump start your year

Markup % Process
Calculate markup %, selling price and gross profit

30-60-90 Day Metrics example (for onboarding or developing people)
Accelerate new employee productivity

Lead to Dig Process
Mapping the steps to successful job setup

Character based hiring questions
Questions designed to identify values match

Performance and Praise
4 steps to effectively praise or reprimand

Sample Chart of Accounts
Simple chart for the construction industry

Budget Road Map
A tool designed to help prospective clients own their budget decisions every step of the sales process

Mental Contrasting
Creating tension between what is and what can be

Reactive vs Responsive Behavior
A comparison between disciplined and habitual thinking

IBS 2024 documents and resources
Shared resources for builders and remodelers from IBS 2024