Take advantage of Legacy Experience and Expertise to leverage your leadership skills, motivate your team and grow your company.  Legacy one or two-day, onsite Business Accelerators provide the turning point you and your team have been looking for!
Choose from any of our Accelerator options to overcome frustrating industry challenges, increase productivity, and optimize profits.  Or request a customized offsite presentation to address and conquer your unique challenges!

  1. Building a High-Performance Team Accelerator

    Find out who may be missing from your team, or in the wrong seat, and how to capitalize on personality styles, both individually and corporately.  This team-oriented session employs the Extended DISC personality assessment to challenge staff and stretch their often self-limiting thinking.
    Your team will  learn the skills to function in a high-performing culture and overcome complex business challenges that escape most growing construction companies.  Build organizational excellence, teamwork, collaboration, and productivity.  Achieve high-profit results by creating a results-oriented culture of accountability where everyone wins!

  2. Project Management Accelerator

    Our Project Management Accelerator teaches contractors and managers how to best mobilize finite resources and implement systems necessary to deliver optimal value to end users, create sustainable competitive advantage, and increase profitability.
    Production-related managers are often great technicians who can produce excellent projects.  However, becoming an excellent manager requires first asking the right questions to ensure the best results.  With a clear and compelling focus on the best results, production and project managers gain the insight and skills to systematically eliminate waste and optimize activities, which in turn, improve and maximize productivity and profitability.

  3. Strategic Business Planning Accelerator: Business Planning that Makes a Difference!

    One or two-day onsite strategic planning Accelerators make the essential connection between value and activities, creating a road map that eliminates waste, optimizes the use of finite resources, and fosters proactive problem solving!

    If you and your Team need to challenge the status-quo and provide a clear way forward to achieving the results you need and want, the Strategic Planning Accelerator will challenge old assumptions and cultural norms that hold many organizations hostage, preventing them from achieving their highest potential and having a much more significant market impact.
    You and your team will come away with a laser focus on results, and clear and concise action steps to capture and sustain your highest potential for success.  Get your business to work for you, in any economy!

  4. Custom Builder or Remodeler Sales Accelerator

    For home builders, remodelers, kitchen/bath specialists, sales people, model home staff desiring to accelerate selling skill and increase closings.
    Sales is the lifeblood of every organization, yet many in the construction industry find themselves unprepared with unrealistic goals when dealing with today’s prospective buyers.  Selling, however, is a learned skill that when practiced diligently can produce dramatically different and more profitable results.
    This Accelerator will teach owners, leaders and salespeople how to effectively qualify prospects and lead them through a step-by-step selling system designed to produce win-win outcomes and create competitive advantage.  Build repeat and loyal customer relationships and protect your profit.

  5. Financial Management Accelerator: If You Don’t Own Your Numbers, You Don’t Own Your Business!

    Want to add firepower to your bottom line?  The Legacy Financial Management Accelerator for Builders will take down the walls of financial confusion, and translate it into everyday, understandable language that makes sense and empowers builders to take back control of their financial destinies!

    This invaluable Accelerator will help you and your leadership team take full ownership of your most critical numbers, know what numbers to track and how to track it, and create proactive profit strategies that drive uncompromising bottom-line profits – no looking back!

    Legacy Business Leaders – home of the GPScorecard; driving optimal financial performance.  Boost your gross profit margins and maximize your bottom line!

  6. Managing a Growing Business for Profitability (and Sanity)

    Many business owners in our industry increasingly experience stress, frustration and chaos that often accompany business growth.  Successful business owners must learn how to navigate through these seasons of growth in order to survive and thrive.  But without the tools and strategies to facilitate controlled and healthy growth, the toll that business owners pay physically, emotionally and financially, is often unnecessarily high, even to the point of failure for those who wait too long before taking action.
    Employing The Five Functions of Business as a road map, this accelerator covers the most common construction business roadblocks, creative solutions to overcome them, and how to implement an action plan for consistent, profitable growth.  Best accomplished in the two-day format, owners, leaders and staff will find real-time solutions to their unique challenges and bottlenecks.  Renew and revive your business!

  7. Leading Through Chaos: Partnership & Family-owned Business Planning Accelerator

    Nowhere is there more potential for chaos, confusion and conflict than in partnerships and family-owned businesses.  As it is, the construction industry presents enough unique challenges for owners and leaders on its own, but adding these layers of complexity can make it seem impossible.  Experience one of Legacy’s most impactful Accelerators, addressing and unraveling the complexities unique to these types of business ownership models.
    With priceless relationships and family harmony weighing in the balance, it just makes good business sense to tackle these issues head on before they take on a life of their own and chaos takes over.  Find long-term solutions to protect, preserve and prosper your business!

  8. The Builders Matrix Accelerator, our benchmark training process!

    A comprehensive deep-dive into the five functions of a construction business, customized to address and uproot your most pressing roadblocks and provide real-time solutions!  The Builders Matrix for home builders, remodelers, kitchen/bath specialists and trades contractors, engages leadership teams in a compelling environment of change and improvement.
    Your team will learn to seek out and confront root issues and take tangible steps to overcome them, rather than treating symptoms and recycling old problems.
    Matrix highlights include The Core-Four foundational leadership principles, staff building, financial strategies, KPI tracking, compensation and bonus plans, capturing competitive advantage and strategic business planning.  Experience our GPScorecard facilitation, and for production-oriented builders, learn the power of the  Builders Matrix Ratio for controlled growth and optimal productivity.  The builder’s success blueprint!

  9. Dealing With Difficult People

    A hands-on Accelerator for staff, sales people, managers, leaders and owners.  Learn the skills necessary to overcome one of the most common roadblocks to success in the construction industry – handling conflict and difficult people effectively.  This could be one of the most valuable learning experience for any team, anywhere, considering the cost and collateral damage caused by staff and customer conflicts.
    Companies that learn and practice these skills have real-time competitive advantage that surpasses the competition, drives more profitable results and, most of all, provides peace of mind, knowing that we are not being held hostage by the people in our organizations or those we do business with.  Learn the skills to do battle successfully and produce win-win outcomes!

  10. Succession and Exit Planning Accelerator

    While few business owners think about this eventuality, even fewer do anything about it.  The complexities of exiting, selling or transitioning a business to future owners are many.  To ensure the successful transition of your business, whether 10 years from now or in the event of an unexpected emergency, exit/succession planning cannot begin too soon.
    Legacy’s one-day Exit/Succession Planning Accelerator delivers the needed tools to jump start your process and gain a sense of control and confidence.  Combined with our CoreValue business growth and valuation software, this accelerator has impact and, most importantly, legacy-building implications.  Build company value and protect your illiquid wealth!

  11. The Business Systems Accelerator

    Between balancing customer and staff demands and navigating the daily unknowns common to the construction industry, owners and leaders are often overcome with chronic busyness.  All too often, this takes on the look of micromanaging very capable but under-performing people.  But working harder and longer is never the answer to achieving healthy business growth.
    To be successful, leaders must learn to be purposeful with the use of their limited resources, including time, money and energy.  And to be purposeful requires the discipline to implement well-defined systems and the disciplines needed to produce consistent results – without their constant oversight and hands-on management tendencies.
    Disrupting chronic business dysfunction is a function of clear processes and orderly behaviors.  Learn how to identify the key systems necessary to put your building business on auto pilot, and implement them in a way that gets buy in from all stakeholders – including your customers!  Get your business to work for you!