Take advantage of Legacy Expertise to leverage your leadership skills, mobilize your team and optimize your limited resources.  Legacy one and two-day Accelerator site visits provide the turning point you and your team have been looking for!
Choose from any of our Accelerator options to increase productivity, inspire staff and optimize profits, or request a customized offsite presentation to fit your most pressing needs!

  1. The Builders Matrix Accelerator, our benchmark training process!
    A comprehensive deep-dive into the five functions of a construction business, customized to address your most pressing challenges and provide real-time solutions!  The Builders Matrix for home builders, remodelers, kitchen/bath specialists and trades contractors, engages leadership teams in a compelling environment of change and improvement.
    Your team will learn to seek out and confront root issues and take tangible steps to overcome them, rather than treating symptoms and recycling old problems.
    Matrix highlights include The Core-Four foundational business principles, staff building, financial strategies, KPI tracking, compensation and bonus plans, capturing competitive advantage and strategic business planning.  Experience our GPScorecard facilitation and for production-oriented builders, learn the power of the  Builders Matrix Ratio for controlled productivity.
  2. Team Survey and Personality Matching Accelerator
    Find out what may be missing from your team, and how to capitalize on personality styles, both individually and as a team.  This team-oriented session employs the Extended DISC personality assessment to challenge staff and stretch their often self-limiting thinking.
    Your team will  learn the skills to create and function in a high-performing culture.  Build organizational excellence, teamwork, collaboration, conflict avoidance and productivity!
  3. Project Management Accelerator
    Our Project Manager accelerator teaches contractors and managers how to best mobilize people and implement processes to exceed customer expectations, produce consistent top quality results, and increase profitability.
    Field/site managers are often great technicians who can produce excellent projects.  However, becoming an excellent manager requires a whole new skill set.  With a shortage of productive and experienced project and production managers in the construction industry today, this program can prove to be an invaluable investment in your most high-potential people.
  4. Sales Accelerator
    For home builders, remodelers, kitchen/bath specialists, sales people, model home staff desiring to accelerate selling skill and increase closings.
    Sales is the lifeblood of every organization, yet many in the construction industry find themselves unprepared with unrealistic goals when dealing with today’s prospective buyers.  Selling, however, is a learned skill that when practiced diligently can produce dramatically different and more profitable results.
    This Accelerator will teach salespeople how to effectively qualify prospects and lead them through a step-by-step selling system designed to produce win-win outcomes.
  5. Strategic Business Planning Accelerator
    One or two-day onsite planning Accelerators that challenge the status-quo and provide a clear way forward to achieving the results you need and want.  The Strategic Planning Accelerator challenges common assumptions that hold many organizations hostage, preventing them form achieving their highest potential and having a much more significant market impact.
    Create a business plan that leverages your team’s highest potential for success, with the accompanying action steps and timeline to reach it!
  6.  Succession and Exit Planning Accelerator
    While few business owners think about this eventuality, even fewer do anything about it.  The complexities of exiting, selling or transitioning a business to future owners are many.  To ensure the successful transition of your business, whether 10 years from now or in the event of an unexpected emergency, exit/succession planning cannot begin too soon.
    Legacy’s one-day Exit/Succession Planning Accelerator delivers the needed tools to jump start your process and gain a sense of control and confidence.  Combined with our CoreValue business growth and valuation software, this accelerator has impact and, most importantly, legacy-building implications!
  7. Partnership & Family-owned Business Planning Accelerator
    Nowhere is there more potential for chaos, confusion and conflict than in partnerships and family-owned businesses.  As it is, the construction industry presents enough unique challenges for owners and leaders on its own, but adding these layers of complexity can make it seem impossible.  Experience one of Legacy’s most impactful Accelerators, addressing and unraveling the complexities unique to these types of business ownership models.
    With priceless relationships and family harmony weighing in the balance, it just makes good business sense to tackle these issues head on before they take on a life of their own and chaos takes over.
  8. GPScorecard Profit Accelerator
    Want to add firepower to your bottom line?  The Legacy GPScorecard Accelerator will take down the walls of mediocrity and open the door to long-term profitability!  This high-power Accelerator will help you and your leadership team turn the corner on profit mediocrity and set out on the road to uncompromising bottom-line profits – no looking back!
    Legacy Business Leaders – home of the GPScorecard; driving optimal financial performance!

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