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Teaching and training tools to maximize leadership effectiveness from Legacy Business Leaders:

No company survives or thrives without effective leadership.  A business can have the greatest talent, most cutting-edge technology and most innovative systems, but without strong leadership, it will never reach its fullest potential or maintain competitive edge.  The mandate for inspiring leadership grows as an organization grows.  But so do the demands on a business owner’s time.

Enter Legacy Business Leaders, providing a platform for acquiring the leadership skills and strategies needed to guide your company to new and loftier levels of success.  Our structured format for teaching and training allows business owners the freedom and flexibility to engage in a learning environment designed to implement new skills immediately while protecting valuable time and priorities to run a growing organization.  Some of what you can expect:

Owners and Leaders:

  • Tools for personal effectiveness
  • Game-changing people skills
  • Breakthrough problem solving strategies
  • Scalable and adaptable delegation skills
  • Real-time systems for staying emotionally healthy
  • Protecting personal time and leveraging work time for optimal growth


  • Hiring the right people and keeping them
  • Mobilizing and energizing your staff
  • Skillful confrontation and healthy conflict
  • Imparting a sales/service mentality
  • Customer focused decision making

Your people and your customers need you at your best.  And that means leading decisively and on purpose, inspiring them to be and do their best.  Are you up to the task?  Legacy Business Leaders will customize leadership, coaching and teaching programs for business owners, leadership teams, department heads and emerging leaders too.  Inquire today to find out how you can leverage your time and resources to lead into the future!

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