Staff Training – For Builders and Remodelers Nationwide

People are the key to the success of a business. Studies prove that the most successful businesses possess strong organizational health where people are content, energized and productive. A company can have the most skilled and knowledgeable staff, but without a strong sense of purpose and belonging a business is unlikely flourish long-term.

Legacy Business Leaders works with leadership teams and staff members to learn and develop skills and systems necessary to improving organizational health. From team-building assessments and exercises, to interpersonal skills training, to individual and executive coaching, teams acquire the ability to transcend conflict and reach new levels of highly productive synergy.

What can you expect from a Legacy?

    • Development and implementation of values and vision driven initiatives
    • Clarification of expectations, guidelines and standards
    • Implement safety awareness and hazard reduction training
    • Conflict management strategies
    • Effective and purposeful team meetings and training
    • Results oriented job descriptions and employee handbook implementation

Investing in leadership teams and staff is an investment in success. No successful leader can afford to assume that staff members are satisfied or content. People must know they are valued as well as whether they’re succeeding or failing against an owner’s expectations. However, they must also know that they work for someone who cares enough to help them when they need it, and who will not accept anything below standards when it comes to performance and behavior.

Leading a staff and learning how to create a culture of winning attitudes is gold. A company can develop and set the best strategies and processes, but without a cohesive staff working in unity toward the same end, success cannot be achieved at an optimal level, if at all.

Fred Reikowsky, owner of Legacy Business Leaders, delivers staff hiring and training tools for success. With fewer skilled people in the labor force, finding and keeping great people is not an option for business owners who want to grow self-sustaining companies. An empowered staff sets a company apart from the competition. It takes experience and exceptional knowledge to move a staff to great heights and Legacy is most qualified for the job.

Seize the market and seize new opportunities by developing an empowered staff – the right training and an experienced perspective will help turn the corner to success. Get your staff headed in the right direction and prepared for a bright, prosperous future – call Legacy Business Leaders today 330-470-1300.