Fred, I want you to know how much you’ve helped guide our growing company to a new level of success and profitability. Our sense of control and confidence has increased tangibly since we’ve worked together, and we feel like our entire staff has been impacted like never before.  We’ve increased our capacity to produce excellent results while maintaining quality, and enhancing our great reputation. For our money, this coaching relationship has produced one of the highest returns on investment imaginable, and is surely one that will continue to impact our entire organization well into the future. – Dale, CMS Homes, LLC, Troy, MO

2014 PBCA Coach of they Year: Fred was recently named North America’s 2014 “Central Region Business Coach of the Year” by Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) – North America’s premier alliance of independent business coaches. PBCA president, Jon Denney said, “Fred is a leader among leaders in the PBCA and is highly respected among his colleagues throughout the United States and Canada. He was well-deserving of this significant honor.”

“Working with Fred has been transformational for our business. He gave us the tools and skill set to establish true accountability from top to bottom. Fred’s mild manner can be deceiving.  Make no mistake – he is as tough as nails when required. Fred always follows through on his commitments, and has instilled discipline in our management team. Now, when we make a commitment for action, we all feel like we have to deliver for each other. We have been through a fair amount of upheaval during the time we have been working with Fred include parting ways with one of the co-owners. He is been an invaluable resource during those transitions and helped to generate clear, focused thinking and decision-making. Fred will never make a decision for you – rather he’s asks the right provocative questions – and the right answers usually become self-evident. Fred usually ends meetings by asking, “What’s not being said?” Things that used to be swept under the rug or allowed to fester are now discussed openly and honestly in an environment of mutual trust and respect. I can recommend Fred without equivocation to any builder or remodeler who is looking to improve their results and quality of life.” – Dave, Turnstone Builders

Early this year we invited Fred Reikowsky to join our team as coach and mentor; a decision that has proved invaluable to our growth and undoubtedly, our long-term success! Fred has been instrumental in helping us bridge the gap between average and excellence and given us the confidence and leadership skills we needed at just the right time. His skillful approach to complex leadership, sales and financial issues has left an indelible mark on each of us personally and professionally; one that we will carry with us for a lifetime of positive change! Thanks Fred for your trustworthy devotion and insightful contribution to our organization! – Mark; Palo Santo Designs, Santa Fe, NM

Fred successfully coached our team through a very challenging transition and helped us gain the clarity we needed to make the right decisions. His rich background and coaching skills combine to provide real, positive impact, from dealing with difficult personnel issues to gaining control of our finances and everything in between. For any business owner wishing to change course and create a profitable, self-sustaining business, we highly recommend Fred Reikowsky and Legacy Business Leaders as the coach, confidant and mentor who will make a difference! – Bill; Legacy Builders, Hudson, OH

As president of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Fred Reikowsky for several years. Fred is one of the most talented business coaches I have ever met. His business acumen, coupled with his genuine passion for helping other people achieve their own visions cannot be overstated. In addition to being a world-class business coach in his own right, Fred is a leader among leaders in North America’s premier alliance of independent business coaches. In 2014, Fred was honored as PBCA North American Central Region Coach of the Year. Please accept this as my highest endorsement for Fred Reikowsky. – Jon Denney, President, PBCA

Our firm has had the privilege of working with Fred in the coaching of our leadership team. He has helped us through business challenges and to build a better foundation for our business.

We were first made aware of Fred at the NAHB International Home Builders Show. He was our favorite speaker at the show, so much so, we sought to hire as a coach. After the first initial consult we unanimously agreed we should proceed with hiring him. Fred’s experience, passion, and ability to connect with, and understand people on a deeper level are what we found appealing.

He began the process of coaching us in a very clear and easy to understand manner, explaining and illustrating the steps he recommended us to take to systemize and grow our business. We started by identifying our core values and drivers as a business and worked from there.

Since working with him we have set clear financial targets and developed systems and processes for our business. These have become critical to our success as an organization and the positive impact it has had on our company as a whole has been monumental.

Throughout working together we have been challenged individually and as a team. We are now better equipped to lead our company and set up to allow for growth. We will continue to work with Fred and would highly recommend him. – Will Johnson Building Co., Chapel Hill, NC

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued guidance over the last eighteen months. Prior to working with you, our design/build firm lacked any definite goals, focus or business processes in place. With your guidance we have defined our core values, developed monthly accounting strategies, increased our gross and net profits, implemented hiring procedures and employee standards, developed our design proposals as well as learned when to walk away from jobs. With your push to develop long and short term goals we have successfully moved into a new office, hired two people and put defined strategies in place to help us be more successful for the future.

The ability to have you has a sounding board is of utmost value to us when issues arise in our day to day practice. To know that we can contact you to evaluate an issue and receive guidance from you is an incredible resource. Our bi-monthly phone meetings have proven invaluable because you introduce us to other facet that we have not encountered. We want to thank you for your continued guidance and patience. – Stan & Donna Schachne, Schachne Architects and Builders

Fred has brought so much value to us personally as well as our business.  He taught us how to be leaders and we never stop learning and growing and improving.  I cannot say enough to describe all the benefits we have and continue to receive in this business relationship.  When we first hired Fred we figured 6 months – 1 year tops.  Now years later, we have chosen to continue to work with him because he brings us so much value and causes us to think and  implement changes that we would never be able to do on our own.  Shows us how to do the hard stuff that only the owner can do, but boy does it make all the difference.  He know just the right thing to say and has endless resources to get you what you need.  I had done a lot of reading and studying, but talk about getting on the fast track.  He makes it happen, or he gets you to make it happen. :)…whatever “it” is that week.   Saves us time and energy and we are in a place where I never dreamed we would get to.  And we are doing it together, common focus, common goals between Greg and I.  Ok, I’ll stop before the night comes. – Greg and Diana Stephenson, Mesa Electric

Our work with Fred has provided quite a change for the better in our business.  We not only have moved our business out of the house to a new office location, but have hired key people that have been instrumental in allowing us more freedom and peace of mind.  And knowing that there is much hope for a brighter future, both personally and professionally, has been exciting and energizing.  

We have also gained a clear vision for our business and have found that having the ability to convey that vision to our staff, along with our newly stated core values, gives us much more credibility as leaders.  Fred has also encouraged us and prodded us to learn and practice new leadership skills and implement many new systems that are already paying big dividends. – Tim and Jill Kleiber, Kleiber Construction