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Creating a Dynamic Place to Work

The success of an organization depends on its people. Therefore, attracting and keeping great people should be a daily commitment instead of an occasional event. In today’s business world finding those people has become as challenging as ever – maybe even more so, and for that reason business owners are faced with a mandate to [...]

Creating a Dynamic Place to Work2014-06-21T16:42:00-04:00

Knowing your break-even point – the key to profitability!

<![CDATA[ Most business owners I meet are missing this one, most important piece of information in their day-to-day business planning. While this concept called “Break-Even” is simple and easy to understand, it takes a few key steps before it can be accurately calculated and leveraged in business. After reading this article, business owners will have [...]

Knowing your break-even point – the key to profitability!2018-11-06T13:47:38-05:00

4 Ways to Measure Business Success

How Will You Know If You’re Succeeding? 4 Ways to Measure Business Success Losing focus is common and costly among business owners. Busyness, however, is not a badge of honor. Smart business owners know that discipline is the antidote to busyness. The discipline to stop long enough each day, reflect on goals, and measure progress [...]

4 Ways to Measure Business Success2018-11-06T13:47:40-05:00

Forget What You Came For?

I hurried over to the next room intent on accomplishing ...something. Trouble is, I forgot what that 'something' was and had to retrace my steps hoping to remember whatever it was and start over. Most of the time though (yes it's happened more than once) I just have to give up, frustrated, and hope that [...]

Forget What You Came For?2014-04-18T18:25:00-04:00

Find the right professional mentor – an article worth reading

Reaching out to ask for help is no small task for busy, independent business owners. The excitement of being our own boss and becoming successful can be addicting and toxic at the same time, leaving little, if any, middle ground for self-development and real strategic business planning. Those that do take the time to invest [...]

Find the right professional mentor – an article worth reading2018-11-06T13:47:43-05:00

Who Will You Need To Be?

A business owner client walked into my office this week defeated. His look and demeanor said it all – the business had gotten the best of him. A short discussion confirmed that a surging occurrence of common problems had beat him down and left him ready to quit; a familiar place for almost every business [...]

Who Will You Need To Be?2018-11-06T13:47:45-05:00

Discipline = Success

Discipline = Success. OK, that may be a little oversimplified, but when you distill down any pattern of behavior that consistently produces winning results, you always find your way to specific patterns of consistent behaviors; behaviors that require discipline. Had time to visit one of Rory Vaden’s sessions on personal discipline recently and was impacted [...]

Discipline = Success2018-11-06T13:47:48-05:00

Energize Your People – by Asking the Right Questions

Energize Your People - by asking the right questions I hear it all the time: "I can't get my people to do what I want them to do." If that sounds like you, rest assured, you’re not alone. This article will help resolve this dilemma once and for all. Not only that, if you adopt [...]

Energize Your People – by Asking the Right Questions2013-11-20T16:29:00-05:00

How to bridge your ‘GAPS’

The difference between the goals we set and the outcomes we get is something I call “The Gap” – the sometimes obscure landscape between what is and what could be – our reality vs. our desired future. Everyone has Gaps. They’re a part of life. Gaps can be unrealized dreams, unmet goals, underachievement, missed opportunities, [...]

How to bridge your ‘GAPS’2018-11-06T13:47:50-05:00

Holding to your standards – the DNA of leading well

Leadership has been a much debated and discussed topic in recent years. Judging by the abundance of reading materials and resources available on the topic, it would appear that few business owners and managers really ‘get it’ and do a good job leading their organizations. The reality is that the collateral damage related to poor [...]

Holding to your standards – the DNA of leading well2018-11-06T13:47:52-05:00
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