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5 steps to becoming a coach vs. a boss

5 steps to becoming a Coach vs. a Boss We all know that owning a piece of the action changes how we think about things and motivates us to behave differently. For example purchasing mutual funds or stock shares makes us more prone to following a particular company or portfolio. We naturally want to know [...]

5 steps to becoming a coach vs. a boss2013-08-12T01:50:00-04:00

Are you playing to win?

Are you playing to win? As Doug Hall says in his thought-provoking book,Jumpstart Your Business Brain, "Business success is not random". To get exactly where you want to go, in any given timeframe, will require strategy - a step-by-step plan of specific activities that are unique in the way they are expected to produce value [...]

Are you playing to win?2013-07-27T13:15:00-04:00

Discipline With Discretion

Most people hate confrontation - and that includes business owners and entrepreneurs. When our people don't cooperate, a proverbial battlefield mentality often sets in producing a win-lose or lose-win ultimatum. When not dealt with properly, poor disciplinary habits (or no habits at all) produce much unnecessary stress, frustration, suspicion, and at the end of the [...]

Discipline With Discretion2013-07-18T12:15:00-04:00

Game changing velocity; are you asking the right questions?

Although I think they would argue to the contrary, most business owners are very comfortable with the status quo. Here’s the proof; I have yet to encounter a business owner who, when asked if they were willing to change in order to grow their business and make more money, would respond with a no. A [...]

Game changing velocity; are you asking the right questions?2018-11-06T13:47:54-05:00

Business Coaching – a Good ROI?

TOP TEN WAYS A BUSINESS COACH CAN HELP GROW YOUR COMPANY: Spend less money on marketing Generate more leads Convert more leads into customers by having a better trained sales staff, and more effective sales tools Increase average revenue per sale Improve profit margins and net profits Systematize basic business functions to ensure that the [...]

Business Coaching – a Good ROI?2012-03-30T20:45:32-04:00
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