Reaching out to ask for help is no small task for busy, independent business owners. The excitement of being our own boss and becoming successful can be addicting and toxic at the same time, leaving little, if any, middle ground for self-development and real strategic business planning. Those that do take the time to invest in mentorship and/or coaching find the investment to be a significant return on investment. Ironically, it's taking that first step though, that trips most business owners up before they've ever begun the journey.

In the March issue of Success Magazine Jennifer Gregory writes about some good strategies to get past that first step and find a business coach that can be the best fit for you. Check out “The best tips for selecting a business coach” here. The criteria described by Gregory makes perfect sense when I think about clients that have achieved successful results. Sure, they take a risk, not unlike any other business decision. But they're the ones who realize that working with a professional coach/mentor is not about paying someone for hours; it's all about paying someone for results![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]