Who: For building contractors, remodelers, site managers, project managers and production managers

What: In five 2-hour sessions, this training program will teach contractors and managers how to best mobilize their people and processes to exceed customer expectations, produce consistent top quality results, and increase company profitability.

Why: Many field managers are great technicians who can produce excellent projects. However, becoming an excellent manager requires a whole new skill set. With a shortage of productive and experienced project and production managers in the construction industry today, this training program can prove to be invaluable.

How: Regardless of your location, Legacy Business Leaders provides a convenient and personal training platform that encourages participation and requires completion of outside work designed to help managers put what they learn into practice right away and get productive results!

Session topics:

Session #1: Priorities and Processes

Session #2: Mobilizing your people

Session #3: What Matters Most

Session #4: Creating order out of Chaos

**Outside work to be assigned at each session. Session note-taking handouts and outlines provided

Required reading: Getting Things Done: A Time Saving Summary of David Allen’s Book on Productivity (included in registration fees)

Training programs available for 1 – 10 people, distance or on-site

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