Legacy Virtual Builder Peer Groups
What it is and how you can join

Six Steps to Qualifying Design-Build Prospects and Selling More Jobs
Language and process skills for professionals

Core Values Exercise
Defining what you stand for

The Legacy Business Success Cycle
An illustration of the road to business momentum and success

One Page Strategic Plan
A dynamic one-page planning template to create traction

Powerful Leadership Questions
Powerful questions to foster employee buy-in

Powerful Selling Questions
Powerful questions that drive the sales process to a close

Markup percentage calculation
How to markup job costs accurately

Leadership Declaration
A leader’s personal commitment to inspiring change

7 Habits – Start with the end in mind
Clarifying goals before beginning a new initiative

Project Manager series course agenda
Course overview and details

The Right Way to Hold People Accountable
Building blocks to a culture of accountability

Daily Questions
Overcoming counterproductive behaviors