The Road to Lasting Improvement

To improve is to overcome something that impedes our way forward; an obstacle or hurdle that blocks us from becoming better people and leaders.  But improvement is an inside game.  Getting better at anything requires a personal confrontation.  Learning how to get out of our own way is what defines our lifelong journey to [...]

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Profit First: Commit, Plan, Pursue!

A new year offers new beginnings.  Past challenges, disappointments and even failures are history, and in spite of the sting that sometimes remains, the prospect of a new beginning fosters hope.  And hope is a driving force that keeps us looking forward to a brighter future. But hope is not a strategy.  Diving into [...]

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Defend Your Profit, Not Your Prices

Today more than ever home buyers and remodeling customers are fixated on price.  Our nation’s consumer mindset is an intangible force behind most sales negotiations, including those involving major purchases of new homes or remodeling projects.  The impact on our industry is builders feeling beat up and exhausted trying to overcome this issue and ultimately [...]

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The Strategic Builder; What is Your Plan?

The building industry is loaded with opportunity unlike any we’ve seen since pre-2008. That translates into a terrific season to grow your building business and capture blazing profits. Taking away two nearly insurmountable obstacles of the past; lack of customers in the marketplace and lack of available financing, builders are left with an open door [...]

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How Can I Find (and Keep) Enough Good Employees?

“Help! I can’t find enough good people.” That’s a common phrase among builders, remodelers and trades people around our country these days. It seems our labor force has taken some serious hits since the recession, and left us begging, borrowing and stealing to come up with enough good people to get the work done. This [...]

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Success Must Be Defined Before It’s Achieved

Over the years I’ve witnessed many business owners struggling with frustration, stress and self-doubt, all of which takes a very real toll on them both personally and professionally. I know what it’s like because I was one of those business owners for many years. The physical, emotional and financial fallout can be exponential when left [...]

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3 Steps to Protecting Your Profit – Finding Your Focus

No one goes into business with the intention of losing money. Yet a preoccupation with busyness often short circuits our decision making ability and prevents us from capturing small opportunities that can make a big difference on the bottom line. The inclination to stay busy is natural, but adopting the daily discipline to seek only the most productive activities is wisdom; the [...]

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Your Winning Strategies to Keeping More Profit on the Table

I received an encouraging phone call from a client this morning who had been struggling for most of his business life with a challenge that plagues many (if not most) small business owners. Though his product is excellent, and there is clearly a demand for it in the marketplace, his success ratio for capturing more [...]

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Help! I’m Not Finding the Right Customers

“It’s not what you think it is,” I commented. My client had just re-visited a chronic issue that has plagued their company for years. In fact it’s become the Achilles heel of their business. The challenge I’m referring to is consistently driving more business to their door; in other words, marketing effectively. Most of the [...]

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The Leads Exist But Your Sales Are Struggling, Why?

This past month I met with a business owner client of mine who told me that his ratio for closing sales leads is less than 10%. Now, to put this issue into context, this owner has invested thousands building a new kitchen showroom/design studio with beautiful, up-to date design and product displays, and hired a [...]

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