The Scalable Builder part I: Managing Business Growth

In his follow up to the well-known Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish hit another homerun with Scaling Up - How a Few Companies Make it …And Why the Rest Don’t.  Scaling Up, he notes, “is organized around the 4 Decisions a leader must address: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash” to scale an organization [...]

The Scalable Builder part I: Managing Business Growth2023-06-11T08:11:12-04:00

Tackling the Labor Shortage: Becoming the Company of Choice

Times have changed. The labor market for the construction industry has taken significant hits since the great recession of 2008-09 - a dilemma felt by builders and trades across the country with few exceptions. And while finding and keeping good people has always been a challenge in our industry, now the stakes are [...]

Tackling the Labor Shortage: Becoming the Company of Choice2019-07-01T11:35:20-04:00

Want Your Business to Grow? Add the Right Nutrients

What exactly is business growth? Most business owners say they want it, but most can’t define it.  Not that more sales and income aren’t desirable outcomes, but there is a lot more to business growth than meets the eye. Outcomes rely on inputs. Business growth isn’t illusive or mysterious, but [...]

Want Your Business to Grow? Add the Right Nutrients2019-04-11T10:50:51-04:00

Competitive Advantage; Your Secret Weapon for More Sales and Higher Profits

One resource that has the potential to help leverage all others, and gain exceptional business outcomes as a result, is Competitive Advantage.  It is perhaps one of the single-most underappreciated assets available to a business every day!  With a clear understanding of what it really is, your day to capture it could be today. Competitive [...]

Competitive Advantage; Your Secret Weapon for More Sales and Higher Profits2018-11-06T13:46:54-05:00

Be Reproducible, Not Indispensable

Being indispensable may seem like a good idea; and it can be if your main focus is job security.  But the leader who finds comfort in being indispensable is one who finds it difficult to give up control.  Ironically, it’s our love affair with certainty that creates one of the most definitive roadblocks to long-term [...]

Be Reproducible, Not Indispensable2018-11-06T13:46:56-05:00

Eliminating Costly Mistakes

Recycling old problems One of the most frustrating challenges in the building industry is watching profit slip away due to costly and often unnecessary mistakes.  It hurts to feel like we’ve been victimized in spite of hours of hard work and preparation; especially considering the negative impact on our bottom line.  That’s called ‘lose-win’, and [...]

Eliminating Costly Mistakes2018-11-06T13:46:57-05:00

PTO – a Compensation Strategy To Attract Great People

Good people want and expect better than average compensation.  To think that we will hire and keep the best and brightest when offering “market rate” salaries and benefits is, at best, status-quo thinking, and at worst, a formula for failure.  But how can a business owner build a winning team without spending excessively and playing [...]

PTO – a Compensation Strategy To Attract Great People2018-11-06T13:46:58-05:00

Dealing Conflict a Blow

As unpleasant as it is, conflict is an ever-present and potentially costly danger.  When people come together in a work environment, we should expect that at some point, conflict will rear its ugly head, rather than hope or assume it will not happen.  Knowing that most conflict is initiated either from incongruence of values or [...]

Dealing Conflict a Blow2018-11-06T13:46:59-05:00

Help; I’m too Busy!

The building business demands a lot!  There is always too much to do and too little time to do it.  Time evaporates in spite of our best efforts to get more done.  To-do lists get longer instead of shorter.  For many of us that leaves only one choice – work harder and longer. What is [...]

Help; I’m too Busy!2018-11-06T13:47:01-05:00

Defend Your Profit, Not Your Prices

Today more than ever home buyers and remodeling customers are fixated on price.  Our nation’s consumer mindset is an intangible force behind most sales negotiations, including those involving major purchases of new homes or remodeling projects.  The impact on our industry is builders feeling beat up and exhausted trying to overcome this issue and ultimately [...]

Defend Your Profit, Not Your Prices2018-11-06T13:47:02-05:00
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