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Dealing with Fear and Uncertainty in Turbulent Times

How do we, as a business community, respond to the current state of affairs concerning the pandemic COVID-19 health threat, while protecting our businesses from the potential fallout?  It is a question that is very relevant and all-consuming for business owners across our nation and the world.  With so much invested and so much [...]

Dealing with Fear and Uncertainty in Turbulent Times2020-03-25T10:35:40-04:00

Inspiration: The First Stop on the Road to Success

Of the many responsibilities we are called to every day in the construction business, one stands out as underserved and neglected – inspiration.  At its core, leadership is inspiration.  It’s taking people somewhere on purpose; moving them to act of their own volition, to follow, support and devote themselves to the mission at [...]

Inspiration: The First Stop on the Road to Success2019-10-14T13:30:23-04:00

Becoming a Learning Organization; Becoming ‘Great’ vs ‘Good’

Author Jim Collins has elegantly noted that in business, “Good is the enemy of Great”[1].  In his fascinating study of “Great”[2] companies compared to “Good” companies, those defined as “Good” found it too easy to settle for mediocrity and failed to produce consistent profit.  “Great” companies however, stood out from good by virtue [...]

Becoming a Learning Organization; Becoming ‘Great’ vs ‘Good’2019-10-07T14:10:08-04:00

Tackling the Labor Shortage: Becoming the Company of Choice

Times have changed. The labor market for the construction industry has taken significant hits since the great recession of 2008-09 - a dilemma felt by builders and trades across the country with few exceptions. And while finding and keeping good people has always been a challenge in our industry, now the stakes are [...]

Tackling the Labor Shortage: Becoming the Company of Choice2019-07-01T11:35:20-04:00

Want Your Business to Grow? Add the Right Nutrients

What exactly is business growth? Most business owners say they want it, but most can’t define it.  Not that more sales and income aren’t desirable outcomes, but there is a lot more to business growth than meets the eye. Outcomes rely on inputs. Business growth isn’t illusive or mysterious, but [...]

Want Your Business to Grow? Add the Right Nutrients2019-04-11T10:50:51-04:00

The Road to Lasting Improvement

To improve is to overcome something that impedes our way forward; an obstacle or hurdle that blocks us from becoming better people and leaders.  But improvement is an inside game.  Getting better at anything requires a personal confrontation.  Learning how to get out of our own way is what defines our lifelong journey to [...]

The Road to Lasting Improvement2019-04-01T09:51:43-04:00

Profit First: Commit, Plan, Pursue!

A new year offers new beginnings.  Past challenges, disappointments and even failures are history, and in spite of the sting that sometimes remains, the prospect of a new beginning fosters hope.  And hope is a driving force that keeps us looking forward to a brighter future. But hope is not a strategy.  Diving into [...]

Profit First: Commit, Plan, Pursue!2019-01-11T16:24:27-05:00

Competitive Advantage; Your Secret Weapon for More Sales and Higher Profits

One resource that has the potential to help leverage all others, and gain exceptional business outcomes as a result, is Competitive Advantage.  It is perhaps one of the single-most underappreciated assets available to a business every day!  With a clear understanding of what it really is, your day to capture it could be today. Competitive [...]

Competitive Advantage; Your Secret Weapon for More Sales and Higher Profits2018-11-06T13:46:54-05:00

Be Reproducible, Not Indispensable

Being indispensable may seem like a good idea; and it can be if your main focus is job security.  But the leader who finds comfort in being indispensable is one who finds it difficult to give up control.  Ironically, it’s our love affair with certainty that creates one of the most definitive roadblocks to long-term [...]

Be Reproducible, Not Indispensable2018-11-06T13:46:56-05:00

Eliminating Costly Mistakes

Recycling old problems One of the most frustrating challenges in the building industry is watching profit slip away due to costly and often unnecessary mistakes.  It hurts to feel like we’ve been victimized in spite of hours of hard work and preparation; especially considering the negative impact on our bottom line.  That’s called ‘lose-win’, and [...]

Eliminating Costly Mistakes2018-11-06T13:46:57-05:00
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