How Can I Find (and Keep) Enough Good Employees?

“Help! I can’t find enough good people.” That’s a common phrase among builders, remodelers and trades people around our country these days. It seems our labor force has taken some serious hits since the recession, [...]

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Success Must Be Defined Before It’s Achieved

Over the years I’ve witnessed many business owners struggling with frustration, stress and self-doubt, all of which takes a very real toll on them both personally and professionally. I know what it’s like because I [...]

3 Steps to Protecting Your Profit – Finding Your Focus

No one goes into business with the intention of losing money. Yet a preoccupation with busyness often short circuits our decision making ability and prevents us from capturing small opportunities that can make a big difference on the [...]

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Your Winning Strategies to Keeping More Profit on the Table

I received an encouraging phone call from a client this morning who had been struggling for most of his business life with a challenge that plagues many (if not most) small business owners. Though his [...]

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Help! I’m Not Finding the Right Customers

“It’s not what you think it is,” I commented. My client had just re-visited a chronic issue that has plagued their company for years. In fact it’s become the Achilles heel of their business. The [...]

The Leads Exist But Your Sales Are Struggling, Why?

This past month I met with a business owner client of mine who told me that his ratio for closing sales leads is less than 10%. Now, to put this issue into context, this owner [...]

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