3 Steps to Protecting Your Profit – Finding Your Focus

No one goes into business with the intention of losing money. Yet a preoccupation with busyness often short circuits our decision making ability and prevents us from capturing small opportunities that can make a big difference on the [...]

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Your Winning Strategies to Keeping More Profit on the Table

I received an encouraging phone call from a client this morning who had been struggling for most of his business life with a challenge that plagues many (if not most) small business owners. Though his [...]

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Help! I’m Not Finding the Right Customers

“It’s not what you think it is,” I commented. My client had just re-visited a chronic issue that has plagued their company for years. In fact it’s become the Achilles heel of their business. The [...]

The Leads Exist But Your Sales Are Struggling, Why?

This past month I met with a business owner client of mine who told me that his ratio for closing sales leads is less than 10%. Now, to put this issue into context, this owner [...]

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Pricing Your Jobs for Profit – are you pricing your jobs too low?

Since business activities have been on the upswing business owners haven't had to battle competitive price wars to the extent they have in recent years. But that doesn't mean there is not competition. With increased sales opportunities [...]

Courageous Leadership – The Difference Between Great and Average Companies

If you’re striving to be a mediocre building or trades company, this article is not for you. Of the many contractors and business owners I speak with every week, most have defaulted into this category. [...]